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Back To Life Cambodia

Cambodia is a nation rebuilding after decades of devastation from genocide and political oppression. During the Khmer Rouge (ending in 1979), Phnom Penh, the capital city, was the location of such death and destruction. Today, Cambodia is a primary transit, source, and destination location for human trafficking and other injustices. Cambodian children are at-risk, especially those in the womb.

It is estimated that 2 in 3 Cambodian women have had an abortion, and across the nation, there is an overall lack of education concerning pregnancy, fetal development, and value. Additionally, there is a strong correlation between human trafficking and abortion, and we believe that if value for life is not established, and established from the womb, human trafficking will never cease.

Back to Life Cambodia is a 2-week event that will focus on prayer, prophetic decrees, seminars, and outreaches to establish value for the life within the minds and hearts of the Cambodian people.


In 2014, a portion of the Back to Life Canada walkers partnered with XP Missions to support the on-ground work in Cambodia. The team taught several seminars about fetal development, telling their stories of abortion and adoption, and sharing their journey to healing. They imparted love, value, and freedom to men, women, and children. Pastors, medical professionals, high school students, women working in and coming out of prostitution all asked the group to come back and share more.

Back to Life Cambodia was birthed out of this initial trip and will now open to the public to link arms with individuals from around the world.

If you carry a burning for the message of Life, have experienced healing from abortion or the pressure to abort, or want to combat human trafficking and serve the people of Cambodia, we want you to join us.

Event Activities

Spend two weeks speaking life and hope, value, and love over the Cambodian people, the capital city, and the nation.

  • Prayer walk – circle the city in a relay-style prayer walk.
  • Teachings/Activities – learn about Cambodia’s history, cross-cultural ministry, and national and international views of abortion and human trafficking issues.
  • Outreach
    Women’s outreaches – in the slum and street communities, specifically working with those in and coming out of the sex industry.
    Children’s outreaches – minister to children at-risk.
    Prophetic evangelism – reach out to those in the community.
  • Prayer and worship activities – for the group, city, and nation.
  • Women’s banquet – lavish women working in prostitution with a love banquet.
  • Seminars – opportunities to share your story of post-abortion healing or adoption (if applicable), and present group presentations that will share the message of value for life in the womb with pastors and church leaders, high school students, medical professionals, women in the community, and those coming out of prostitution.
  • Celebrate and pray into XP Missions Pregnancy Support Center – the grand opening of the support center may or may not be open by the time of the event.


May 17-31, 2015



Due to the sensitivity of the information being shared and activities of the group, applicants must be 18 years or older. Men and women are welcome. All applications will be prayerfully considered. Please note that the schedule will be packed and the activities and travel will be physically and emotionally demanding. Space is limited, so apply early.

How to Apply:

Apply to join MyCanada and XP Missions in a two-week international declaration of LIFE in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Click HERE to apply. Deadline for application submission is March 15th, 2015. Please have your application completed on or before date.

Preparation Commitment:

Those who are accepted as part of the Back to Life Cambodia team will be required to do considerable preparation physically, emotionally, and spiritually, prior to going on the trip. Commitments will include:

• Regular video conference meetings to meet with the team and organizers for prayer and logistics.
• Reading/viewing of materials to better understand Cambodia.
• Physical training schedule for the walk portion of the event. Physical training may involve walking an average of 22 miles/35km each week.
• Bi-weekly brief prayer calls with 2 or 3 members of the team.
• Online inner-healing course – one course is designed for post-abortive people, another for those who have not experienced abortion.

Financial Considerations

Registration Fee:

$500 USD for 2 weeks ($400 USD deposit with final payments due 3 weeks before event start date)

Note: Registration fees will be paid after application approval. All fees are due by April 19, 2015. All cancellations are subject to a $100 USD administrative processing fee. Refunds are possible up until 2 weeks before the event start date, after which there will be no refunds available.

Registration Fees Include:

• Transportation to scheduled outreaches and seminars
• Outreach costs (including community, banquet, and prayer walk expenses)
• Teachings and activities
• Venue and other related expenses for seminars
• Translators for local outreaches

Registration Fees do NOT Include:

• Accommodations – $18 USD/night (shared); $35 USD/night (single)
• Meals (about $20-30 USD/day – breakfast included in hotel)
• Airfare to/from Phnom Penh
• Travel Insurance
• Cambodian Visa ($25 USD)

Important Travel Information

Here are a few websites for you to consider when arranging your airfare to/from Phnom Penh, or you can see your travel agent:

Asiana Air – http://us.flyasiana.com
China Southern Air – http://www.flychinasouthern.com

Other considerations:

PASSPORT: Please ensure that you have a valid passport with expiration date no less than 6 months of your arrival date in Cambodia.

VISAS: A tourist visa is required for Cambodia (no visa requirements for Thailand). Cost is $25 USD and is valid for 30 days. This can be purchased easily upon arrival, in the Phnom Penh airport. However, if you desire to purchase ahead of time, you can do so online athttp://www.mfaic.gov.kh/evisa/Default.aspx (follow their e-Visa instructions carefully).

These Visas require FIRST ARRIVAL into the country within 90 days of their purchase, so if you are arranging online, do NOT purchase too early. Also, online e-Visa applications take a few business days to process, so please purchase at least two weeks before your departure.

For more information, contact: cambodia@backtolifecanada.com .

MY Canada, XP Ministries or CSA, its agents, volunteers and employees are not responsible for any injuries that could occur while at any of the events sponsored by XP Ministries. Guests assume all risks associated with physical injuries that could occur during an event.


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If you would like to know more about the ministry we are partnering with please watch these videos.